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Iphone 5 Presentation completed



According to foreign media news reports, iResQ has through the internal channels got the iPhone 5 back shell, and the back shell and expose parts before the assembly. The results is not surprising: still is "perfectly" (perfectly matched). We can see from the assembly: iPhone 5 base interface really is far less than that at present all the iPhone, and headset jack by the mobile phone top shift to the bottom.

The next generation iPhone suspected four inches front panel, exposure components display "new screen" has been increased to 4 inches, but it kept and the iPhone design the same screen pixel density. According to the latest media reports, the unit has been on the Internet for open to sell. The seller is natural iPhone 5 as bait, says the parts can be user replacement iPhone5 complete LCD screen (and digital converter), the price for 199 dollars.


NEW display "new screen" has been increased to 4 inches, but it kept and the iPhone design the same screen pixel density. According to the latest media reports, the unit has been on the Internet for open to sell. The seller is natural iPhone 5 as bait, says the parts can be user replacement iPhone5 complete LCD screen (and digital converter), the price for 199 dollars, THAT’S FAKE

See be used to the iPhone 5 concept map, hearsay diagram, exposure diagram, we this back to see 3 d video. Also, the foreign technology website TechRadar making 3 d video set before the rumors of the Miami heat, such as 4 inch screen, stretched, fuselage, smaller base ports, more frivolous fuselage and so on. In short, see the so-called "iPhone 5", you won't have a strange feeling.

Video also mentioned, at present The iPhone 5 most possible release date for September 12, -- have The Verge by, AllthingsD, "Reuters", "bloomberg" and so on The many media confirmed. And apple authorized third party electronic retailer (such as bestbuy), and cooperation operators (such as Sprint) has been in the old funds iPhone to various forms of discounts and promotions, and further suggests that iPhone 5 will be released in September of information.

At present, we have learned that, apple iPhone next generation and upcoming iPad mini will adopt more small base interface. Therefore apple launch a mobile can make new products and current base interface for 30 needle equipment coexisting adapter, seems to be that is imperative.
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But the appropriate adapter how they look? A few days ago, the medium GVG show us their new ideas.

GVG think this kind of adapter will be very big, and may even and the next generation of the fuselage iPhone as wide. In addition, in GVG assumption, this kind of adapter should be the next generation of the iPhone headset jack also is used on. Like this, it can guarantee the stability of adapter connection iPhone.

In addition, GVG have other ideas, such as the ordinary USB cable, and new adapter collocation is used. Although theoretically the possibility is not big, but it also can yet be regarded as a very "human nature is changed" design.
In 2010 classic 4th generation iphone4 was born, "once again change everything".

In 2011, all agreed that it five dynasties iphone will call iphone5, because 5 than four level. As a result, we all know, the fifth generation is iphone4s iphone.

In 2012, the sixth generation of iphone before release, and everybody thought last no iphone5, this time iphone5 anyway also should come out, to 9.12 days, Apple officially released iphone slim.

In 2013, the seventh generation iphone will be published, everyone think will call iphone5, because the last time to a single digital named is iphone4.

Results the apple introduced technology mature open hole 3 d display technology and machine back double camera, revolutionary to release the perfect iphone 3 d.
In 2014, the eighth generation iphone will release, everybody thought that this time no matter how to this call iphone5, because iphone5 let consumer waiting for too long, it is always a dream, is a representative, the type of ultimate dream. Results the apple keep iphone 3 d shape invariant, only increased the memory, the processor faster, GPU more strong, the machine back double photography head pixels from 1200 w increase to 1500 w - this section type that iphone 3 ds.

In 2015, just as everyone in iphone5 perked up, the ninth generation iphone release, this generation of iphone is the most perfect, the most revolutionary model, strong to 2012 years we can't imagine. Apple official website impressive publicity language: "iphone 9 -- and then again, change everything".

Iphone5 graphics CARDS will and ipad3 is four nuclear graphics?

Iphone5 graphic card will and ipad3 is four nuclear graphics

At present already know iphone5 CPU is A5-2 should be better than the A5

But graphics or unknown if the video card no ipad3 strong everyone will be disappointed

Obviously if iphone5 use and ipad3 performance as the four nuclear graphics performance than in ipad3 will play a good many, many iphone5 because the resolution ratio ipad3 small

If Iphone5 using 1 g operation memory four nuclear graphics I think I may pay for performance would be the strongest than ipad3 are strong many
Ipad3 is due to high resolution so to graphics requirement is high ipad2 graphics CARDS are not four nuclear graphics in the ipad3 also can only and ipad2 graphics CARDS big deuce

A lot of ipad2 operation of the game as ipad3 operation but sometimes ipad2 BuKa ipad3 micro card looks high resolution to hardware requirement is high

So I think if iphone5 ipad3 with four nuclear graphics words is the best effect also is likely to iphone5 use ipad3 is the four nuclear graphics I guess
According to eWeek website published an article analysis), the paper said apple iPhone five planning next month on the shelf sales. Apple fans and mobile market experts have speculated that this kind of mobile phone when listed. When the mobile phone finally listed, people can believe this phone is worth waiting for. Apple's iPhone 4 s a little old. IPhone 4 s dual-core processor cannot and more powerful four nuclear competition. Moreover, although the iPhone 4 s design is still very well, however, and in recent months, the listing of the latest model of mobile phone, compared to iPhone 4 s design some obsolete. Apple's iPhone need to update. Below are iPhone 5 top 10 reasons worth waiting for.

1. The iPhone 5 will be provided with better processor although it's hard to say whether the iPhone5 will be provided with a long time have been rumours four nuclear processor or new iPad configuration A5X dual-core processor, however, it is no exaggeration to say iPhone 5 sure configuration than the iPhone 4 s better processor. This means that the next generation of iPhone will provide better performance, provide great improve the user experience. Who will it feel upset?

2. More large size screen there is no doubt that apple will be iPhone 5 configuration more large size screen. Apple competitors almost all offer than iPhone 4 s 3.5 inches display more screen, so that apple inevitably to make a response. Looking forward to the iPhone 5 will be provided with 4 inch screen.

3. 4 g LTE is a new standard due to apple has finally put the 4 g LTE technique is applied to iPad, apple and then for the next generation iPhone to provide this kind of technology is meaningful. The 4 g LTE technology, consumer and enterprise users can connect to a faster network, create than iPhone 4 s currently provide more superior wireless connections and browsing experience. Waiting for 4 g LTE into the iPhone 5 is certainly worth waiting for.

4. Samsung Galaxy S III not iPhone shelves at present there are many high quality based on the Android mobile, but, one of the best in the product is samsung Galaxy S III. Although it looks like iPhone 4 s the best alternative products, but it can't and iPhone five competition. Considering this kind of situation, had better be waiting for apple's cell phone, not buy in the next few weeks to win of mobile phone.

5. Apple current iPhone is lame if the user really can't wait to buy another smartphone, buy a Galaxy S III mobile phone or apple current an iPhone also can achieve purpose. However, it should be noted that the apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 s is lame, its function and component will soon be out of date. Nothing more than buy a few weeks will be replaced apple products be worse.

6. Windows Phone 8 won't solve the problem that strongly consider Windows Phone 8 equipment people need to wait at least two months of time to use this operating system. Now, most of the Windows Phone 8 equipment is expected to announced in September and may be in 10 months on sale. Considering the apple iPhone 5 May be in September began to sales, hope as early as possible to buy new mobile phone users may purchase apple's cell phone, and won't wait for Microsoft's operating system introduced.

7. RIM are struggling for survival of the RIM blackberry once considered apple iPhone reasonable alternative products. Now, this kind of thing happen. RIM in the swim with the tide. Now has a RIM mobile phone or at any time in the future to buy a mobile phone RIM is a mistake. Better is waiting for the iPhone and buy a for at least the next two years will be very important mobile phone.

8. To enterprise speaking, this is the only move around mobile market, in the next few years, in addition to decline RIM mobile phone, but it is difficult to find a kind of like that iPhone by enterprise welcome products. Along with the BYOD (own equipment) enthusiasm to continue and enterprises begin to like support this idea, iPhone will become more and more zone to employees working place of mobile phone. IPhone 5 will become into the enterprise's most popular mobile phone.

9. Remember that apple's technical support practice now buy a new iPhone or insist to use the current mobile phone may be in trouble. Apple is notorious for its customers and updates the product in a few years later stop support some of the equipment. The iPhone 3 gs and iOS 6 is greater challenges. When decide to buy a new iPhone, remember the things.
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10. Waiting for apple update is worth it

Let us face the fact that the apple iPhone is the best in the world intelligent mobile phone. Each new release, apple will provide some worth waiting for new and exciting function. Along with the iPhone 5 to still have a month will launch, waiting for and, once again, the benefits of using apple update is worth it.

Iphone5 continue to do not support mobile 3 g

China mobile held yesterday in the first half of 2012 performance report, China mobile's chairman XiGuoHua media said: "because qualcomm TD - LTE chip problem is not solved, according to the present time point to infer, apple iPhone 5 release it is difficult to have TD - LTE version".

At present, China mobile is facing downward pressure on profitability. According to just released yesterday the earnings in the first half of 2012, China mobile revenue reached 266.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 6.6%; Net profit of 62.2 billion yuan, an increase of only 1.5%. By this news influence, China mobile related yesterday the stock fell more than 5%.

Wang jianzhou, China mobile former President in March this year before stepping down sessions has said, China mobile 15 million iPhone in network users, and with the speed of 1 million a month in growth, iPhone in TD - LTE technical problems will be solved soon.

China mobile CEO LiYueZe expressed, China mobile terminal business strategy will change, the future will vigorously developing high-end machine business, hope can make up for not at present and iPhone loss of cooperation.

At the same time as the layout of the mobile Internet a move, China mobile said interested to invest) at hkust fly. This is a intelligent voice technology providers, its "- FeiYu point" and apple Siri positive competition.

Iphone5 battery exposure

Beijing time on August 10, news, according to science and technology blog and to5mac reports, a reliable sources revealed the next generation iPhone cell module photos, new battery capacity reach 1440 mah, higher than the iPhone 4 s cell 1430 mah and iPhone 4 battery 1420 mah.

In addition to capacity of the ascension, new battery voltage of 3.8 V, than the iPhone 4 s and iPhone 4 battery 3.7 V slightly tall. New battery capacity according to watt - hour (wHr) calculation reached 5.45 wHr, higher than the iPhone 4 5.3 wHr and iPhone 4 s 5.25 wHr. This is another new iPhone battery capacity is higher than that on the generation of parameters.

 Is The Iphone 5 Worth To Buy . ?

Iphone5 conference in sight, it summarizes the Internet rumors, what is iphone5 have what kind of configuration and characteristic will you buy? Why did he say iphone5 is the cross time?

1. The appearance change, not the original forecast what type water droplets, but iphone4 than a bit longer, dock to change appearance influential?

2. Chip, may be A6, also may be A5X, should be on the market at present and the mainstream of s3 and one x as is equipped with four nuclear processor?

(3) memory the most a G

4. May be the first launched four nuclear and support of LTE mobile phone? Don't know whether this will be compatible with other countries

5. NFC, android have things, apple should not miss it

6. Ios6 and siri

7. Introduced the present except nokia mobile phone outside pixel of the highest to 1200 w?

8. I really can't remember...

If iphone5 final configuration is not beyond the above this time you will give up the hands of the iphone4 or iphone4s to buy iphone5?

Iphone5 have what kind of characteristic configuration will you satisfied? If you are like loading 13, cellular phone a out and others not only for appearance get longer you'll the of

we can't confirm "iPhone 5" would be in the available on September 12, but early in the media "confirm" release date, we would have to listen to times iPhone 5 related hearsay. Whether this phone the material, the size, the hardware specifications and so on, I believe you have passed before the report learned a lot. And below the picture shows the iPhone 5 screen protection film and iPhone 4 relationship, we can see the iPhone 5 than iPhone 4 whole big a circle.

IPhone 5 sticking film "was exposure show that iPhone fuselage longer

Recently on the iPhone 5 shape has been questioned by many people, although we can get many be become iPhone 5 shell products, but there are news says the shell is designed according to the rumors. So there is no can determine the shape of the iPhone 5 accurate picture. We also did not see with this redesigned related parts leakage. We see the unit just called "N94" equipment, but this kind of equipment more like iPhone 4 s.

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