Friday, August 17, 2012

First Pictures of Iphone 5 Dock Connector 8 Pin

French blog that recently posted photos of alleged iPhone 5 parts is back with images of purported next generation dock connector that possesses smaller size with 9 golden pins on both sides of it. We have been hearing about Apple making the dock connector smaller on next generation iOS devices but this is the first time ever someone has actually posted photos of them online for all of us to see. that might have received these images from it’s source in China calls them ‘rather convincing’.
As you can see in the images, the new port is quite thin and features pins on both sides, that means you will be able to put the wire in your iPhone from either side without worrying about the direction. This two sided port will look familiar to those who own a Macbook, as it is quite similar to Macbook’s power cable that is also two sided

There are only 8 golden pins visible in the picture, then how could this be a 9-pin connector you might wonder. Well a guy from iFixit told MacRumors that this is because the metal frame counts as a grounding pin, and that makes the total number of pins 9. If we consider the code that was found in iOS 6 beta that featured a string referencing to a 9-pin connector, this leak by NoWhereElse starts looking legitimate, though nothing can be said with certainty at this point of time. “We have obtained new information about this connector. We have indeed learned that it is not equipped with 8 but 16 pins with distinct functions (8 pins on each side), noting that one side would currently have no specific function and might be saved for future use.”

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