Friday, August 17, 2012

Iphone 5 Motherboard Posted of Foxconn worker makes People Crazy

Is that the Motherboard of the Long Expected Iphone 5 

No matter how secretly locked up and  influenced the Foxconn workers be handled you can not stop the curiosity and curruptibility of The Human!!!

Anyway if we belive the most rumers so or so its soon just 1 Month till we will se the Officialy Presentation Of the IPHONE 5 !!

The new iPhone has become the second most leaked iPhone yet, the first position obviously goes to iPhone 4 that was infamously leaked by an Apple engineer in the bar. A forum member at Chinese site WeiPhone forums has posted alleged photos a motherboard which he claims to be of the next generation iPhone. This is the same user who posted photos of iPhone 4S motherboard last year, a couple of months before it’s release that makes these images somewhat credible. Although the images posted on WeiPhone do not show the processor of the next generation iPhone, they do feature interesting information regarding the internals of iPhone 5. Read on for more.

As noted by 9to5Mac the pictures if believed, reveal that the next generation will indeed feature a new Nano-SIM card slot, as the SIM slot looks smaller in size than the one found on iPhone 4S. Another change in the motherboard revealed in these pictures shows that battery connector features five pins instead of 4 found on current generation iPhone for the new battery. The alleged motherboard for iPhone 5 also features a new kind of digitizer connection, that could be made for the new in-cell screens Apple is rumored to be using in it’s new iPhone. Lastly the images of this leaked motherboard reveal tweaks to the antenna connection, that we cannot help but say that could be due to new LTE capability Apple is rumored to add in iPhone 5. As the expected launch date for the next generation iPhone approaches, we will surely get some more leaks related to one of the most anticipated smartphone of the year.

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